A Guide to Thrive
  • A Guide to Thrive
  • A Guide to Thrive
  • A Guide to Thrive
  • A Guide to Thrive
  • A Guide to Thrive
A Guide to Thrive - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Are you not sure if you can make it through another stressful teaching day?

Do you feel like you have no balance between school life and home life? 

Maybe you're just overworked, exhausted, and tired.

You are not alone. If you answered yes to any of these questions are you ready to feel better?

Let's find your happy teacher sweet spot. Let's get your teaching groove back.

What's included in this eBook?

  • Navigate the Thrive eBook with an easy, clickable Table of Contents.
  • Enjoy a sleek, professional and high quality eBook design. Perfect to read on your computer or print, bind, and keep handy.
  • Feel connected. We are in this together and I share with you teaching stories straight out of my classroom. I keep it real. How did I go from barely surviving to thriving!
  • Get the inside scoop. What are the top 10 effective thriving tips other teachers aren't telling you?
  • Have questions about teacher work/life balance? I have answers to the top 4 most asked questions.
  • Pick my brain. Who are my Motivational Gurus, what apps help me find balance, what teaching Podcasts do I listen to?

Plus there are editable and interactive BONUS SHEETS!

  • Affirmation cards keep you grounded everyday.
  • The Thrive Meditation gives you zen before heading off to school.
  • What is a day like for a thriving teacher? An infographic breaks it down for you.
  • Do you know what the 7 Attributes of a thriving teacher are? More importantly do you have them?
  • Stop the pattern of stress, overwhelm, and burnout and have fun designing your new Thrive Philosophy.

The tips, strategies, and ideas in this eBook changed my teaching practice for the better.

Now it’s your turn. Your serenity and happiness as an educator is top priority.