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Are your days filled with behavior management stresses?

Do you feel like the students know how to push your buttons?

Maybe you're feeling you need some new behavior management tools in your tool kit.

You’re not alone. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need answers ASAP.

Let's find your behavior management sweet spot. Let's get your happiness back.

What's included in this eBook?

  • Navigate the Behavior Management eBook with an easy, clickable Table of Contents.
  • Enjoy a sleek, professional and high quality eBook design. Perfect to read on your computer or print, bind, and keep handy for easy reference.
  • Feel connected. We are in this together, and I share with you behavior management teaching stories straight out of my classroom. I keep it real. The behavior management strategies have been field tested with successful results.
  • Get the inside scoop. What are the top 10 behavior management tips that other teachers aren't telling you?
  • Have a burning question? I have answers to the top 4 most asked behavior management questions.
  • Pick my brain. What are some successful social-emotional programs? What apps help behavior management? What behavior management strategies would add fun to the day?

Plus you get editable and interactive BONUS SHEETS!

  • Do you know your Social-Emotional IQ? Take the S-E IQ survey.  
  • Get your Power Back with the Behavior Management Control Panel.  A step by step process for addressing behavior management issues, including what to say and do.  
  • What is a day like for a strong behavior management teacher? An infographic breaks it down for you.
  • Do you have a Cling-on Clyde, a Bossy Burt?  If so, you’ll want to meet all five behavior buddies. Use the Behavior Buddies Assist tips, and get their profile, root cause, what to say and do.

The tips, strategies, and ideas in this eBook changed my teaching practice for the better.

Now it’s your turn.  Avoid teacher burnout. Note: This is not your typical PD book.  It is an easy, fun read, with a conversational feel.